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Health and fitness is a vast field that offers variety of employment opportunities. Apart from being a physical strength trainer or a nutritionist, there are several other health and fitness jobs you can pursue. Here’s a detailed list:

1. Environmental Health officer
People specializing in environmental health monitor water and noise pollution, pesticides, toxic substances, and air quality. They are also required to carry out vector control, conduct inspections at restaurants and promote a healthy housing environment. The EH officer is also required to carry out research on a variety of topics such as communicable disease outbreaks, effects on human health from disasters such as storms and environmental toxins. There are only few professionals who are trained in this field. The growing tainted food outbreaks, failing waste water systems, viruses etc. indicate the need for more environmental health officers.

The salary range for trainees is $40,000 to $55,000 per year. For senior officers, it goes up to $96,000. Private sector jobs pay a higher salary then public sector jobs. Additional benefits include pension schemes, annual leaves and other fringe benefits.

2. Epidemiologist
They are professionals who study disease patterns within populations and attempt to explain them. This research is beneficial as it can lead to discovery of new methods of how to control these diseases. There are research epidemiologist and clinical epidemiologist. The former ones study data collected from different communities, while clinical epidemiologist perform consulting in health care field. When a disease outbreaks, an epidemiologist will be required to study the pattern, and recommend the best action of protection or prevention. They may also be asked to appear in TV and different publications to address the public about the best course of action.

The annual salary on average is $64,500. However, some senior positions can go up to $92,770 annually. The private sector consultants earn the highest at $78,860 on average per year.

3. Recreational therapist
Recreational therapists are responsible for improving the minds of patients by engaging them in recreational activities. The main aim is to teach patients how to live with an injury or disease. To maintain the overall well-being of patients, they design sports, games and craft activities. They may also organize group activities to integrate similar patients into a community. Recreational therapist work in community parks, medical institutions and specialized schools. They are required to keep up-to-date on the available therapeutic resources, which are best for their patients. They also track the progress of the patients over a period of time.

The average annual salary for a mid-level recreational therapist is $45,752 annually.

4. Spin instructor
Spin instructors are required to help students adjust their bikes. They have to teach the use of pedal straps, resistance controls, heart rate monitors and other equipment. The instructors are required to design a workout for different classes, and the workouts need to be customized depending upon different fitness levels of the students. To instruct a class, knowledge of uphill/downhill workouts is required as well. Other duties include keeping up-to-date with the latest fitness trends, and understanding the actual theory. They should have an understanding of diet and mental health as well.

Average salary ranges from $35,000 to $38,000 per year. Senior Spin instructions may earn around $60,000 annually.

If you still have to decide a career, you may choose the options mentioned above. Degrees can be pursued from different universities such as university of Saint Mary, San Francisco etc. College websites such as, and the likes offer health care degrees online, which can be pursued by international and local students from the comfort of their homes. More new health care and fitness fields will be created in the future.