The Organized Wallet

Is the state that you are keeping your wallet in making you spend more? There may be more cash in there than necessary, or one credit card too many. Even the most frugal spender can benefit from a wallet that’s kept trim.

More money, more problems

Wallets are meant to hold money, but if there’s too much cash in there, the temptation to spend is also greater. If you know you’re the type of person who gives into impulse buys, only carry enough cash to cover that particular week’s scheduled expenses.

Too Convenient?

With the accessibility of ATM machines in shopping malls, having a bunch of ATM cards on hand is almost the same as having your savings at your disposal. One card for emergencies is okay but leave the rest at home.

Paper Trail?

Always ask that receipts be handed to you rather than dropped in the bag. Reserve a slot in your wallet just for them, and empty this out every weekend. Use the receipts to keep track of cash spent and of credit card bills to expect. Seeing your expenses printed out on paper can help curb your spending.
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